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Historic Furniture Preservation

March 15, 2016



Antique Classics believes it is our duty to preserve the history of American furniture makers and the skills of the craftsmen that beautified the furniture with their amazing hand carving skills. We would like others to join us by becoming curators of American furniture. Today this should be an easy decision to make. Unlike the high quality craftsmanship and carving skills of early furniture makers today you have machine made furniture held together by staples and nails. Todays furniture rarely has any wood showing because the beauty of woods like mahogany, walnut, and even rosewood that were commonly used would be so expensive that few could afford the finished piece. Making the furniture with the care and skill of early American furniture makers would be nearly impossible today. Today's furniture is usually fully covered in fabric to hide what lies beneath. If there is any real wood it is usually low grade oak used for making pallets used by forklifts. Nobody wants to see this wood exposed. Today it is usually synthetic materials made to look like wood. The legs are frequently plastic and screw into the fiber board frames. Ultimately this furniture just adds to our overstretched landfills.


It is important for you to realize that it is not about preserving the old fabric but it's about preserving the craftsmanship and carving skills of the American furniture makers. It's also a way to save old family furniture from the landfill. Antique Classics has been acquiring these beautiful pieces and applying contemporary fabric to give our customers a chance to own a piece of history and to become a current curator of these unique pieces. Being hand made it is easy to understand that no 2 pieces will ever be the same. You will have a stunning piece of furniture that will be a conversation piece and admired by friends and family. Ultimately you can pass these pieces on to new curators of American History. You will set an example by showing family members that old furniture is far superior to modern furniture and all you had to do was change the fabric. If you are a home owner and want to avoid hearing a guest say " I have the exact furniture in my house" then avoid new furniture. If you have young children then it should be easy to see that old furniture has already proven it can handle everything young children can dish out. It just makes sense to become a curator of American furniture.


Antique Classics offers these pieces as we find them before we restore them so you have the choice to take them to any upholsterer of your choice. We will post our new finds on this website and price them so it is easy for you to become a curator.






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