Antique Classics 

58 Pulaski Street, Building 2, 3rd Floor

Peabody MA 01960

(603) 785-5287

2016      Antique Classics. 


Every week Antique Classics add's new selections to replace the many pieces that are sold each. Vintage and antique furniture can't be ordered from a supplier so it is an ongoing effort to satisfy the needs of our new and repeat customers. It is also necessary to acquire many pieces that are quality and offer a wide range of selection.


Antique Classics is not a store that has the same old stuff every time you visit. If it has been more than a week since your last visit then you are missing the chance to buy before others see it posted on the website and craigslist. We are also involved in an effort to preserve American made and hand carved antique furniture for future generations to enjoy. The pieces we are preserving are better made than anything you can buy at a retail store and if you have your own pieces or find a hidden treasure bring it to Antique Classics and let us clean, polish, and add new upholstery to match your style or décor. Our in house upholstery services are priced so you can say YES. We try to add new pieces each week that are very worthy of preservation which we have updated to a contemporary look and saved from the land fill.

New Arrivals