Antique Classics 

58 Pulaski Street, Building 2, 3rd Floor

Peabody MA 01960

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2016      Antique Classics. 


It is no longer easy to find old chairs and sofas just lying by the curb on trash day. Too many people know the difference between the quality of old furniture versus the lower quality of new. It is easy to compare the differences just by looking at the two. Older furniture has wood showing and the wood is usually beautiful rare woods that may be nicely shaped or even hand carved. New furniture has no wood showing because there probably isn't any wood under the fabric to show. New furniture uses plywood, particle board, plastic, and staples to hold all of it together.

  What the buyer sees is just fabric and common sense tells you that if it is just the fabric you are buying to put on a frame then it makes sense to buy older solid wood frames. These frames are stronger than a new frame, the rare wood is beautiful, it has real springs and not strips of metal which makes the piece more comfortable and longer lasting, the frame is formed to fit the design, the joints are glued, and then the frame is screwed together to add even more strength. 

  Antique Classics has been acquiring as many pieces as we can find to give our customers a choice without having the customer do all the searching. We also inspect the pieces so we know they are structurally strong. When we upholster we strip them down to the frame and add new materials where needed. We always try to keep our customers' safety in mind.

  If a customer wants to bring their own piece in that is perfectly fine. We take the same care for your safety and will repair and touch up any defects after removing the fabric. We also inspect the webbing and springs to make sure you get the maximum comfort when we are finished. 

  All photos are kept current on a regular basis and new additions are added as we acquire them.